New Era Nutrition Announces Launch of New Plant-Based Superfood Bars

Aligning nicely with the newly unveiled Food Guidelines in Canada, New Era Nutrition announced today the launch of SoLo plant-based superfood bars.  New Era Nutrition, a premium functional foods company, has been closely monitoring the dietary needs of consumers and was thrilled to see that Health Canada came to the same conclusion on the importance of plants, protein and whole grain foods (slow release carbs). The new line of SoLo bars will come in three delicious flavours: Fruits & Nuts Superfood with Baobab, Nuts & Seeds Superfood with Baobab, and Nutbutter Superfood with Baobab.

“As we’ve seen with the new 2019 Canadian Food Guidelines, there’s a shift towards a plant-based healthy diet. With a focus on protein from plant-based sources such as the seeds and nuts found in SoLo Superfoods nutrition bars, consumers are discovering nutrient-packed options that they may not have previously chosen. Not only are SoLo superfoods bars a delicious, low glycemic snack, but they are better for the environment as well,” said Dean Williams, President & CEO.

SoLo Superfoods contains Baobab, a nutritionally ideal prebiotic superfruit containing dietary Fiber, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin C and an abundance of antioxidants.  The African superfruit adds a uniquely fresh citrus taste with notes of pear, custard and vanilla. When used in a Low GI recipe such as SoLo Superfoods, Baobab works to slow digestion, aiding in the lower glycemic response.   Perhaps unknown to most consumers, the Baobab found in SoLo Superfoods bars is one of Africa’s most popular superfruits.  Harvested using an environmentally friendly method, mature Baobab pods are collected from the ground during the dry season, rather than directly from the tree, ensuring that the longevity of each Baobab tree is protected.

With the pledge to help “Stop The YoYo,” SoLo Superfood bars deliver a gluten free, high fibre, all-natural non-GMO, vegan, soy free, plant protein option for longer lasting energy.  Fans of SoLo nutrition bars, can expect the same quality nutrition, great taste, and low glycemic sustained energy they have trusted for years.

“We are so excited to introduce our new SoLo Superfoods nutrition bars. We couldn’t be releasing them at a better time as consumers nationwide are discovering the benefits of plant-based proteins.  We look forward to adding these to retail shelves soon,” Williams says.

All three flavours of the new SoLo Superfoods plant-based nutrition bars will be rolling out to Canadian retail stores over the next couple months. They are also available for purchase at

About New Era Nutrition:

New Era Nutrition Inc. is a Canadian company headquartered in Kelowna, BC.  The company was the first to introduce a line of clinically validated low glycemic nutrition bars under the brand name SoLo GI.  SoLo was developed to provide a delicious snack that takes into consideration the blood sugar impact as well as nutritional content to promote optimal health and performance.  Due to numerous benefits of living a low GI lifestyle, SoLo products are targeted to athletes, energy seekers, and those looking for long-term weight management solutions. For more information, visit in Canada and in the United States.


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